15 Images That Went Viral But Were Actually Fake/Photoshopped

Sometimes we see images on the internet and it looks so real that we just believe that they really exist but actually they are very fake. Here’re some of the images which went viral but were actually fake/photoshopped:

1. Photoshopped Image Of Amy Winehouse And Lana Del Ray Hanging Out

2. It was Actually a Makeup!

3. It was not the nuggets from Burger King.

4. The Famous Selfie In Brazil Turned Out To Be Fake

5. Mount Everest From Space

6. A Fake NASA Image Of India On The Day Of Diwali Celebrations. They Even Made Sri Lanka Glow! WTF!

7. Off Limits!

8. It isn’t Real

9. Image Of Two Skeletons Locked In An Embrace. Claimed To Be Buried Alive In The 90’s!

10. Donald Trump Tweeted This Himself!Fake

11. The Fake Quote By The Late Alan Rickman

12. Super fake!

13. Shark On The Streets Of Daytona Beach

14. Absolute Photoshop

15. Photoshop Alert!

Pooja Singh

Her belief lies in the power of elegant intentionality in this world filled with lurid colors.
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