10 Hot Celebs And Their Equally Attractive Siblings

We know these celebs for their talents and gorgeous looks and they have ruled our theatres and hearts for a long time. You follow them on different platforms and admire them but some celebs have equally attractive siblings that are not well-known to the world. Let us take a look at some of the hottest celebs and their lesser-known gorgeous siblings:

10. Joshua Alba:

So we all know Jessica Alba and have admired her through the years in different roles but you might not know about her baby brother who is not only handsome but a talented actor himself. Joshua has had minor roles and has appeared in a film called ‘Dark Angel’. He is married and has kids too (no luck here people!).

9. Nathan Reed:

You must know the vampire beauty Nikki Reed who is married to another vampire hunk Ian Somerhalder. Nikki is beautiful and talented and has been in the spotlight for years. Nikki has an elder and handsome brother Nathan who is lesser known but is equally attractive. It looks like the good genes run in this family!

8. Monica Cruz:

Penelope Cruz is known as the Spanish beauty who has appeared in plenty of memorable roles through the years. Penelope has a younger sister who looks a lot like her and is equally beautiful. Monica is also an actress and even worked as her sister’s body double on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides’.

7. Sami Malek:

When we say equally attractive we literally mean it in this case as Rami Malek has an identical twin brother! Sami Malek is a middle school teacher and has been teaching for almost 13 years. He is passionate about his profession and lives a quiet life. So the next time you wish Rami had a twin just remember that he actually does!

6. Scott Evans:

Chris Evans is known as Captain America these days and has a huge fan following. His younger brother is also an actor and can be seen in the show ‘One life to live’. Just like his big brother Scott is also handsome and talented and has his fair share of fans. He has appeared in many films too.

5. Pippa Middleton:

Kate Middleton is not just a celebrity but the Duchess of Cambridge. She is known for her amazing grace and style with which she carries herself and her philanthropic work too. Her younger sister Pippa is also quite well known and is an A-list celebrity herself. She is gorgeous like her sister and proves that good looks run in the family.

4. Ashlee Simpson:

Just like her big sis Ashlee has had a great singing career and has followed in her sister’s footsteps. Ashlee is equally talented and attractive as her sister and is also a fashion designer. She has been working since she was a teen and has achieved great success.

3. Gemma Styles:

We have seen Harry Styles grow from his one direction days to his solo career now and have loved every bit. The talented singer is a teen heartthrob but most people don’t know that he has an elder sister Gemma who is equally attractive and super supportive of her younger brother. The two siblings are very close and love each other.

 2. Warren Elgort:

Ansel Elgort shot to fame a few years ago as the adorable Augustus Waters in ‘The fault in our stars’ movie adaptation and has been in the spotlight since then. But did you know Ansel has an elder brother who is equally good looking and is a film editor himself? The Elgort brothers have really taken the good looking gene seriously.

 1. Alex Watson:celebs

Emma Watson has been loved by everyone since she was 10 as she played our favorite witch Hermione Granger. Emma has grown up in the spotlight and has grown more talented and beautiful with age. Her younger brother Alex is almost equally attractive and people claim that he looks just like his sister. He has modeled with his sister and even did a cameo in a Potter film.

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