5 Worst Things That Have Happened To Captain America

Captain America has faced many hardships during his life, some worse than others. That’s just what happens in life, even for a century old superhero. Here are his 5 worst moments:

Being Frozen Alive For 60 Years

Captain America’s worst moment has to be being cryogenically frozen in ice for sixty years. Think about it, a lot happens even in a span of one month, so sixty is a huge gap that may be hard to understand.For this reason, he is a man out of his time, someone raised with different morals and sensibilities. The Marvel movies do a good job of showcasing how his ideals clash to a modern day man’s(especially Iron Man), but it is by far a pretty bad moment.

When He Started a Civil War

Steve Rogers is a man out of his time and he is a man of high principle. That idealism has to lead him to clash with a few people but it caused an avalanche of bad occurrences in Marvel’s Civil War. When the government issued a “superhero registration act,” The Avengers and various other Marvel heroes clashed on which stance to take, leading to a divide. The divide ended causing major consequences like the death of Goliath, Spider-man nearly getting killed by the Thunderbolts and the Captain even nearly being killed by Iron Man.

When He Got Killed

After the events of the Civil war, the Captain was feeling a whole lot of guilt that led him to turn himself into the police. He was, unfortunately, shot by Crossbones that led many to believe that he had died. It should be noted that Captain America has died several times before, but Death Of Captain America had the most consequences to the comics.

When He Thought Bucky Barnes Was Dead

Bucky Barnes’supposed death had a deep influence on Captain America when he reemerged. It really influenced him as a character and what he thought of the world. Bucky Barnes was The Captain’s kid sidekick who Steve thought died in a motor explosion. Barnes’ return years later also deeply influenced the Captain but in different ways.

 When He Lost His Super Soldier Serum

Captain America


In a recent story arc that featured the evil Iron Nail, Captain America lost his soldier serum when the Iron Nail sucked out the serum from his blood, leaving him literally an old aged man.The Captain had lost his super serum a couple of times but not to the level that he experienced here he lost both his giant muscles and his eternal youth in one suck.

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