7 Worst Characters In Recent Superhero Movies

Well, who doesn’t root for the good guys? But what do the fans do when their favorite superhero characters are being killed on screen? When characters are being made into something that they are not and not even being portrayed well? Here is a list of the worst characters in superhero movies:


Yeah, Cavil had to be on our list. Obviously, we are not just talking about his wooden expressions but also how badly the character is written. Come on man, you are Superman, let Batman do all the dark brooding thing. Constantly accusing himself for everything, having no hope at all. That’s not you man.


The problem with Thor is very simple. He is boring. Not saying that Chris is an incapable actor. Not at all, he has his moments when talking with Cap, or when Vision lifts Mjolnir but all through the films he’s not given any different storyline to match his character, and when he’s given its boring and serious.

Jean Grey

Sophie Turner Jean Grey X-MEN: DARKH PHOENIX

Talk about just flatly speaking your lines. Well, that’s exactly what Jean does in X-Men: Apocalypse. Sophie hasn’t put any effort in her role. Any effort at all. Not just that her character didn’t even lose control as its being saved for the prequel, nor is being given any depth.

April O’ Niel

We all know what kind of a character April is, also what we know is what kind of an actress Megan Fox is. Jokes aside, the ‘actress’ is ruining the role completely. What were the casting directors even thinking while making that choice?

Rick Flagg


This dude smells of ‘wasted potential’. In a film that already had many characters that could easily be forgotten Flagg’s character was simply the worst. With someone who’s nothing but a generic soldier, his character was given no such depth except him being the love interest of Moon.

Rocket Racoon

Yeah him too, Undoubtedly Rocket is a really funny character and doesn’t even look bad on screen, but here he is still on the list because he’s wasting Rocket’s potential. Bradley..dude you just don’t have to shout every single line of yours. There has to be some subtleties to you too. Of course, you are an asshole and we love that but always the clichés aren’t your gig. Not just that, you don’t have to always have Groot or Yondu to be funny. Be your own man, Rocket.

Jonathan Kent


If there is a character who is the farthest on screen than what he;’s in the comics, it’s got to be him. Jonathan is Clark’s moral compass. His source of humanity and his constant boost for heroism, but what he does in the films is just tell his kid to not show his powers as the world is not yet ready for him and this could be bad for him. Way to go, dad!

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