4 Awesome Upgrades Done by Tony Stark On Spider-Man Suit

Spider-Man Homecoming will not only be a new age for the hero, it will also be a new phase in the evolution of the Spider suit. The film’s Twitter recently pointed out the exciting new features on their Twitter, all courtesy of genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist Tony Stark. Check out the upgrades:

Web-shooters Upgrade:

Spider-Man cannot function without his web- shooters as they are a staple piece of his equipment. Stark upgraded the shooters by giving them a laser targeting system and an option for web types. Spider-Man weaves different kinds of webs, according to how the situation sees fit. He has used it to catch a few bad guys to making parachutes out of it.

New Web Wings:

The Web Wings were originally a part of Spider-Man’s suit when he was introduced in the comics. They were later deleted from his suit, making a few appearances depending on the writer of the comic. This will be the first time that the web wings will make their debut, but as Tony Stark’s invention.

Spider-Tracers aka GPS Tracking System:

Spidey started using the spider-tracers to keep track of his enemies.But MCU’s Spider-Man’s upgrade may be a double-edged sword for the hero. If Tony Stark did create this system, then he could always know exactly where Spider-Man is. That could also be that will also be part of the storyline.

New Spider Eyes:

tony stark spider-man

Captain America: Civil War had already given fans a new upgrade into Spider-Man’s suit. Unlike prior suits, Tony Stark had enabled the hero to have expressive eyes, something that was in the comics but has never been featured in the films.


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