Static Shock To Join The Arrowverse?

The showrunners of the Arrowverse have spilled off some beans and the fans are going crazy. The fan favorite character Static Shock could soon appear in the Arrowverse. The character would probably appear in Black Lighting Season 2, but we’ll get there later.

Even Black Lightning was supposed to be there at the 4-night crossover but didn’t because the show wasn’t supposed to air until 2018. They also told that they would love the show to eventually crossover with the Arrowverse. When it comes to the Static character, they say that if Black Lightning is a success they would probably include the Static character too.

The speculation on how the character will be treated is much, but what seems to be the case is that he will be mentored by the Black Lightning himself as he was in the Young Justice. But there won’t be a lot of focus on that because eventually Black Lightning’s daughters too will develop powers and he will have to mentor them too. Also, the Static character is too big to just be a side character for a single series, so he could also be cast for DC’s Legends f Tomorrow.

Static Shock
Static Shock

There could be some issues for him to come on screen though, as Static wasn’t originally a DC character, he was created by the Milestone media. Even so, there is a high probability of the teen with electric superpowers to come in at the time of season 2 of Black Lightning.

Also, there have been some talks about the ‘Titans’ series, but it’s not started shooting yet. Whatever may be the case on these series, we will probably have to wait for comic-con to give us some more reveals about all the shows of the Arrowverse.

Let us know though, if and when he appears what age do you want him to be and do you want him to already have his powers when he first appears or do you want to see him get’em.

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