5 Scariest Superheroes From Marvel and DC Universes

Superheroes ought to be super, and the alpha male or female characters, people who give civilians reassurance, except some who can make them freaking scared. Here is a list of some freakishly scary superheroes:

The Hulk

Bruce Banner had faced great psychological trauma by the hands of his father who had been a severe alcoholic and hated his son. Even in school Banner had a really hard time. Because of this as the Hulk, Banner suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder, causing him to have rage attacks. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere near such a guy. Ever.

Simon Dark

Simon Dark is as scary as scary gets. The guy is a mass walking with over 20 dead boys’ bodies stitched together. He has a face that would scare the shit out of anyone. Thank God that the Frankenstein looking monster is on the side of the good guys.


Ghost Rider

The Spirit of Vengence is certainly a great terror. Johny Blaze is a guy who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his father’s life, becoming his bounty hunter. He freed himself from the Devil’s clutches and took the matter into his own hands. And boy… does he have a sweet ride.

Michel Morbius

Morbius the Living Vampire is one of the most famous Marvel antagonists. The sad life that he now has is because of him experimenting on vampire bats. After an experiment goes wrong he himself becomes a pseudo-vampire. The sad part is that he is not able to control his thirst for blood and also kills his oldest friend Nikos.

The Spectre

The wicked of the Earth have to answer to this supernatural entity. The Spectre shows no remorse and repossesses the dead bonding their himself to their souls in order to bring their killers to justice. He’s known to be extremely powerful as he’s impervious to almost every harm that can be caused. He torments and tortures the culprits eventually killing them. Surely scary.

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