5 Smartest Supervillains Of Marvel and DC

Superheroes are only as strong as their super villains. While most supervillains are great physically, there are some who just by putting their mind to might have taken down even the biggest superheroes. Here is a list of the smartest supervillains:


Well, dude’s name is Brainiac, doesn’t that give it all? Brainiac is a very famous Superman villain whose main strength is his intellect. He is extremely intelligent having 12th level intellect. He was not just able to develop technology to shrink the bottle city of Kandor but also he is also able to transport his consciousness to other living organisms.



Darkseid is a master manipulator, he is someone who uses others to do his dirty work, not just that he can also create great weapons and has genius level intellect, he also in one series cracked anti-life equation to eradicate the concept of free will


This is no surprise to anyone, the super intelligent Titan of the Marvel universe is a genius at least. He has created great technology which supersedes any Earthian tech. by far. Not just that he can also perform telekinesis and it was he who created his own chair that allows him to travel anywhere in the universe.

Doctor Doom

This guy was a scientist even before becoming a villain. DOCTOR Doom has a great intellect. Not just some ordinary inventor, he’s invented tech such as the Doombots, was responsible for disbanding the Avengers, sent the Baxter building into space and many more things.



The superhero turned villain from DC’s graphic novel ‘The Watchmen’ is someone who can be real good at planning and be strategizing. Not just that he was able to detonate a bomb killing everyone in New York, doing this although with having someone like Dr. Manhattan with him at the time.

Honorable mentions: Doctor Octopus, Joker, The Riddler, Magneto, Ultron

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