10 Hottest Movies of 2016 That You Should Not Miss

2016 may be long gone but there were a series of hot movies that were released which you must not miss at any cost. Here’s a list of ten such movies you should check out.

The Handmaiden:

The famous film-maker Chan-wook’s latest work The Handmaiden has been described as ‘elegant and erotic’, ‘sexy and depraved and a ‘lurid lesbian potboiler’.

American Honey:

It won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, contains some of the hottest sex scenes you can dream of.

King Cobra:

James Franco once said, ‘I like to think that I’m gay in my art and straight in my life’. Well, he actually does it in this one with Christian Slater.

A Bigger Splash:

If you ever wanted to see the full frontal shot of Ralph Fiennes, your search ends here.

From The Land Of The Moon:

Starring Marion Cotillard as a young woman who is sexually frustrated in 1940’s Provence. Terrific performance by her.

Staying Vertical:

It is one of the sexiest movies of the year by a French director who also gave us Stranger By The Lake.

Frank & Lola:

A sexual cum psychological thriller starring Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots as his fashion designer girlfriend. A lot of intimate sexual stuff to enjoy.

The Girl On The Train:

A psychological thriller starring Emily Blunt indulging in extreme voyeurism such as spying on ex-husband, his new wife, and neighbors. Plenty of sex scenes to watch.


Starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart as worker drones in a futuristic world where all sexual activity and emotion is forbidden. Well, things that are forbidden are bound to happen.


moviesTom Hiddleston a.k.a Loki is playing an uber sexy doctor who shifts to a modern luxury apartment where people are settled according to their social class. There is a steamy sex scene between him and Sienna Miller. Don’t miss it.

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