10 Most Satisfying Game of Thrones Moments

Game of Thrones has been the biggest TV series going on for 6 years and the fandom for the show is way bigger than any other. It is mainly due to the moments that occur on the show, some very brutal, some sorrowful while some that provide an utter sense of pleasure. Here are the most satisfying moments of the Game of Thrones.

Cersei’s arrest

Cersei Lannister has been a total “bitch” on the show since the moment it began. People have wanted something bad to happen to her throughout the show. People finally got satisfied when Cersei was taken under arrest by the High Sparrow and was then tortured and even had to make a walk of atonement ‘naked’ as her punishment.

The Cave

Jon Snow had to struggle for almost his entire life and had faced very difficult and unfair moments, but finally, something good happened to him when he and Yigritte fell for each other and Jon broke his oath and made love to Yigritte which was a happy moment for the fans.

Lyanna Mormont

The little ruler of Bare Islands was one of the best parts of the entire season 6 as she stole the show in her first appearance and at the end when Winterfell was reclaimed, she was the one to inspire everyone to follow Jon Snow as the King in the North.

A crown for a King

Viserys Targaryen was a very cruel brother, to begin with when he sold his sister for an army to the Dothraki king Khal Drogo. But what did not work out for him was Daenerys and Drogo falling in love. Viserys then while being drunk tried to threaten Drogo’s unborn child, and in return got a crown of gold, just not the one he wanted!

Tyrion Kills Tywin

Tywin had abused Tyrion both verbally and physically throughout his entire life, but the time when Tyrion was really enraged was when Tywin had turned the love of his life against him and then slept with her. And Tyrion confronted him with a cross-bow and ends up killing him in the least expected place.

The Purple Wedding

Fans had rooted for taking out the coward, murderous and foolish King Joffrey for seasons, and the makers of the show replied in the best way possible. Joffrey at his wedding came across a drop of the Lethal poison, The Strangler and lied pale in the arms of her vicious mother, which every viewer cheered.

End of the Slave Masters

The moment where Daenerys pitches a trade for the unsullied army against one of her Dragon with the slave master, who had been impolite to her from the beginning, abusing her in Valyrian, but Daenerys as it turned out understood every bit of insult and in return burnt the master by ordering her Dragon. It was one of Daenerys’ great moments on the show.

Revenge of the Red Wedding

The Red Wedding was the most sorrowful moment on the entire Game Of Thrones. And one of the most satisfying moments was when Arya after reclaiming her name returned and served Walder Frey a pie made up of his sons and then ended up killing him and the entire house of Frey in the new season.


Jon Snow’s death literally broke the internet and fans went crazy waiting for the next season just to have the answer to whether their favorite character survives or not. Well, he died but was thankfully for the fans, brought back to life when everyone had lost their hopes. The moment was really amazing when Jon took his first breath of his new life.

Death of Ramsay Bolton

Game Of ThronesRamsay Bolton had given evil a new definition on the show and people were really rooting for his death. The battle of the bastards was literally the best Game of Thrones episode ever and when Ramsay was defeated by snow killed off by his own wild beasts, it became a treat to watch!

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