Spiderman Wants An Avenger To Mentor Him But Not Iron Man

As we have seen in the trailers and the new movie Spiderman: Homecoming, that since Tony Stark recruited Spiderman for the airport battle in Civil War, he has been taking care of him and guiding him as a mentor in his own way. But we know that Iron Man will not be appearing in the Homecoming sequel.

So, the Homecoming star Tom Holland wants Spiderman to meet Captain America yet again in the coming movies and possibly in the sequel as it is going to have more Avengers’ tie-ins. Holland is now really rooting for Captain America to be the next superhero to appear in the next Spiderman movie.


Throughout Spiderman: Homecoming, Tony Stark was a very vital and influential part of Peter’s journey during the movie. Now, Holland wants something similar to happen with Captain America in his next movie as he believes Captain America would be a great Mentor for Spiderman.

“He would be the best mentor I think. He’d be kind of boring. He’d be very strict, I think. But starting with him would be more freeing.”

Well, Spider-Man did have an encounter with Captain America briefly in Civil War, where they both seemed to have hit it off in the dialogues and Cap then showed him that who is the boss.

If you think about it, Captain America is already a sort of mentor for Peter Parker as he does constantly appear in public service announcements throughout Spiderman: Homecoming. That surely has to count for something. The two will likely cross paths again in Infinity War and hopefully form a good friendship as fans would love to see their relationship develop in the second Spidey movie.


Would you like Captain America to be the one mentoring Spider-Man in the next upcoming movies?? Tell us how you feel about it.

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