The Flash Season 4 Trailer Is Out And Here’s The Breakdown

San Diego Comic Con is the heaven for comic book fans and we have got our first look at The Flash Season 4 trailer. The Trailer opens in a flashback where Barry asks Iris to marry him and se says yes. Then we hear Iris Narrating, “My name is Iris West, and I was supposed to marry the fastest man alive. I promised him I’d run, so, that’s what I’ve been doing, running as fast as I can.” Iris actually seems to be taking Barry’s absence pretty well and being all brave about it as she promised Barry that she would be.

A Still from Flash Season 4 Trailer

“Sometimes I feel like if I believe in something hard enough, that will make it real. I miss my friend”, says Cisco.

Everybody except Iris seems to be pretty depressed about the fact that Barry’s gone and may not come back. Then we see Iris actually leading the Team as a new Samurai villain shows up in Central City. Then we have a shot where Killer Frost returns as Caitlin Snow holding Captain Cold’s freeze gun.

A Still from Flash Season 4 Trailer

We see the season 1 villain ‘Peek-a-boo’ making a return as everything malfunctions at S.T.A.R Labs.

The next scene shows Kid Flash and Vibe taking the Samurai Villain and they don’t think he’d be any match for them, but they are literally surprised as the Samurai strikes his sword making a huge impact, sending everyone flying. He then demands, “Bring me the flash, or else your city falls.”

A Still from Flash Season 4 Trailer

Cisco then suggests that if they don’t offer up the Flash then a lot of people are going to die and those deaths would be because of Team.

Earlier in this set photos, we saw Wally West being dressed up in the red suit as the Flash so this is what will probably happen in the first episode. The Kid Flash will take up the mantle of the Flash to take on the Samurai.

Flash Season 4 Trailer
A Still from Flash Season 4 Trailer

At the end of the Trailer, we saw Cisco having built a gun that could possibly have a lock on The Flash in the Speed force and he along with Team seems to believe that they have found The Flash through the gun and can bring him back. In a parallel scene, we see the Flash running in a subway looking all cool making everyone believe that he is back from the Speed force even faster and Stronger.

Here is the trailer in case you have missed it.

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