5 Female Characters Who May Not Be As Bad-Ass As They Are Shown

Female characters sure do kick ass as much as male characters, be it someone like Kitty Pryde or someone like Storm. Who have limited powers and work with them, have weaknesses and even succumb to them. While some have almost no weaknesses and some, have no such powers but are made into being so cool and powerful that one tends to imagine why and how? Here is a list of 5 such female characters who are way overrated:

Scarlett Witch

Wanda Maximoff has been able to kill mutants just by taking names. Yeah, that happened, and also remember the ‘House of M’ timeline where she completely warped reality. If not even that just know that she is someone whose deeds can even affect parallel universes. That’s her for you.


Okay, to understand this, just imagine facing Ditto as your opponent in every Pokemon battle, ever. She is someone who will take your memories and take your powers just by touching you. If this isn’t being an all powerful, being to be made an invulnerable character then what is?

Harley Quinn

Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist who fell in love with Mr. J, got dropped into a pool of acid and we know how shit went down. But when did she learn to do stunts on bikes or be so acrobatic? This still is fine, but the sidekick of Joker has also been able to almost kill Batman. That’s something.


Female superheroes

Yeah sure she is good at parkour, is a great acrobat, has been on the streets since her childhood but when did she become so powerful that she could take on Prometheus. Someone who even bested the entire Justice League.

Black Widow

Female characters

One more of those, she has absolutely no powers and her skill set came from the days when she used to be a Russian spy. Of course, she’s trained in combat and can kick some ass, but being on the same team as a God and someone who even kicks Gods’ ass? Too much, don’t you think?

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