5 DC Villains With the Most Number of Kills on Earth

Bad guys are bad because they do bad stuff, well amongst bad stuff, one thing which is a bit bad is KILLING PEOPLE. Here is a list of DC’s Earth based Villains with the most kills:


Undoubtedly the best assassin of the entire DC Universe, Deathstroke is loved by all for the badass that he is, many shows have shown about his past, but have yet shown nothing in comparison to the actual range of his strengths. Be it his physical regenerative capabilities or be it the fact that he can use 90% of his brain, or his super speed and physical prowess, he came into being after an experiment and a military career. His son too was an assassin who died, this brought Deathstroke back into the game and he has killed many people since.

Ra’s Al Ghul

Well, what do you expect from a man who has been alive since 600 years, thanks to the Lazarus Pit? And not only that, since then has been trying to reshape the world to make it a better place by killing most of the people in the world.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthois not you model entrepreneur, the tycoon and even at a time President of the U.S.A. Lex Luthor too has a big death count. He himself doesn’t kill much but allows a lot of killing to happen or outsources it. Oh, and he too has his hands dirty with the blood of over 100,000 Kryptonians of New Krypton.


Of course, the clown Prince of Mayhem had to be on this list. Joker is pure evil and has done a lot of sinister stuff. Over his career, he has killed hundreds and thousands of people, not even leaving the children. His greatest blow was making Supes kill Lois trigerring a bomb and killing over 5 million people in Metropolis.



He has to be on top of this list. The superhero turned villain from DC’s graphic novel ‘The Watchmen’ is someone who can be real good at planning and strategizing. Not just that he was able to detonate a bomb killing everyone in New York.

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