5 DC Villains Who Were Once Good Guys

Not all villains are bad, what we mean is sure they do bad stuff, but not all have bad intentions or had bad intentions. Some are just victims of circumstance *nowhere defending them* but still, there are times when even the fans sympathize with the DC villains. Here are some DC Villains that fans sympathize the most with:


Catwoman is someone who well, we can just say has not had it easy. Be it helping her surrogate sister to survive, or even herself being a prostitute in the streets of Gotham, she since her childhood knew the world wasn’t all beautiful. Doing what she had to in order to survive she soon became an anti-hero from a villain.

Mr. Freeze

 DC Villains Before he was Mr. Freeze, he was known as Doctor Victor Fries. He was a great but poor doctor. His wife developed a terminal disease, and Victor who worked with the cryogenics system sought to Freeze his wife until a cure could be developed. Something went wrong and he couldn’t save his wife, also he himself became mutated and turned into Mr. Freeze.

Harvey Dent

Harvey Dent is someone who acts as a constant reminder to Bats of how even a great hero can fall. Dent was the white knight of Gotham, who had a split personality because of a hard childhood but still was a great guy until the Joker shows him “how one bad day can change someone”


This could be the ‘cutest’ entry in the list. Well, it’s Bizarro that we’re talking about. The imperfect clone of Sups isn’t wicked at all at heart, just defected. With a mind of a 10-year-old, this guy is nothing more than someone who just is doing what he feels is right. Many times this guy has also been a help to the Superheroes.

Black Adam

Black Adam’s past sure is a real bad one. He dethroned the evil dictator and became the ruler himself, he also waged wars but was always trying to be a hero. With a lot of deaths in his family, he became undermined and angered. Not just that he has many times sided with the heroes including once almost giving up his life to protect the world from Darkseid.

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