6 Things That Make DC Bigger Than Marvel

The rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel has been going on for quite a long time. It has now reached its peak with both DC and Marvel movies competing in Hollywood presently. Here are the things that make DC bigger than Marvel.

Comics and character popularity

DC Bigger Than Marvel

The comic books that Marvel sells are not even close to the quality of comics and material that DC sells. DC’s characters are way more popular than Marvel’s as Marvel’s characters were practically dead before The Avengers movie actually resurrected them.


The Merchandise that Warner Bros and DC comics used to sell was way better than what Marvel did. DC earned a lot more in merchandising its products like action figures, clothing material, etc. than Marvel did.


DC Bigger Than Marvel

Warner Bros and DC Comics’ video games have been really top notch. All the Batman and Injustice games have been a huge success for the company and Marvel’s games have sucked for so long. Their quality of games is not even half of what DC produces.

Animated Movies and Shows

Marvel has never ever been successful in making a good animated movie or an animated series, whereas people have loved what DC has been offering constantly since the 1990s. Justice League the animated series is actually one of the best-animated cartoons of all time.

Live-action TV Shows

The popularity and love for the TV shows produced by DC is way more than Marvel. The Flash and Arrow typically have a fandom that is so huge that all of Marvel’s shows combined together do not have this huge popularity.

Movies and Box Office

dc bigger than marvel
DC Bigger Than Marvel

The Superhero movies actually gained popularity with the success of Batman and Superman movies that came out during the 80s and 90s. DC has actually produced much better Superhero movies (Dark Knight Trilogy) before the MCU began. Even though the DCEU has had a shaky start, it is now rising and if the box office returns of the first 4 DCEU movies and MCU movies are compared, DC is way ahead of Marvel and will be much more successful in the future.

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