5 Darkest Comic-Book Stories That Will Give You Goosebumps

Not all comics have happy endings, some are too dark to digest, giving fans chills at nights. Here are some storylines that give fans nightmares:

The Killing Joke

Gordon has probably lost the most to the chaos-loving Joker. Here, the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl (James Gordon’s daughter) in the stomach, crippling her forever. He does this to drive Gordon crazy and make him cross the line. Gordon doesn’t give in though and Barbara also becomes the Oracle after this incident, but still, this was a very evil deed. This story shook the fans to the core.

Cyclops’ Wife

In this storyline, Cyclops marries a stewardess and moves to a different town. He then has a baby with her but when Jean returns abandons his wife and child, causing his wife to commit suicide and his son grows up to be Cable.

Death In The Family

Out of everything that the Joker has done, killing Jason Todd was arguably the worst thing that he did. He traps the second Robin’s long lost mother and when he comes to save her, beats him to a pulp, with a crowbar. Not just that, he leaves him there with a time bomb, and blows him up just before Batman can get there. Todd later returns as the Red Hood though. Still, no consolation for Batman as he has to suffer, just in a

Old Man Logan

The Old Man Logan comics sure are gory as they start with the Hulk’s grandchildren murdering Logan’s entire family. Enraged by this, Logan takes revenge by killing all of Hulk’s family but one, Hulk himself, and when they battle Hulk does something that one expects the least, he swallows wolverine whole, but due to Wolverine’s healing capabilities he heals and tears up Hulk from the inside. This sure was one of the most gruesome deaths in the comics.

Kraven’s Last Hunt


Kraven the Hunter has been trying since years to hunt Spidey, in his last story when he thinks that he has killed Spidey, he buries him and when Spidey makes his way out, it’s already too late. Kraven thinks he’s won, writes a confession and shoots himself in the head.

Honorable Mentions: Injustice, Crisis On Infinite Earths

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