5 Most Negative Characters In Current Superhero Movies, Ranked

There are some supervillains, who everyone wants to see on screen. But there are some that are nothing but total disappointments. Here is a list of five “worst” negative characters from superhero movies:

5. The Joker

Well, Leto, you are trying really hard bub. From sending out Rats to your fellow cast members to try to get into the character to every other antic of yours. It would have been better if you had tried to showcase the character in a different light that what Ledger did. Also, it’s not entirely your fault as the characterization and the screen time of the character too was shitty.

4. Enchantress

She has to b undoubtedly the worst ever villain on screen. The history of her character was fine, but again her screen time, as well as the clarity to the character, was nowhere to be found. In a weird fashion, she is not just defeated but the witch’s heart is in possession of Waller. How dammit?

3. Deadshot

Deadshot is an ace marksman, someone who lives by a code, a great father, and a big bad asshole. What happens if you take the last part out? Well, Will Smith in Suicide Squad happens. Not just is the character boring but heavily underwritten. Make him do some bad stuff guys.

2. Mystique

Mystique in the X-Men trilogy was all cool, how the character should have been. But alas, Lawrence couldn’t recreate the magic that Rojimn did. Her superhero character can only be called fickle minded now, knowing not whether to go to Charles’ side or Erik’s. Her leading the X-Men, in the end, was a great ‘what the fuck’ moment for all.

1. Lex Luthor

SuperheroOkay, Luthor is a giant entrepreneur. He is bold, bald and really serious. He is not a guy in his mid-20s trying to act cool while doing everything. He is not at all someone who constantly murmurs or looks like a retard. WB you have killed this character.

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