5 Animated Superhero Shows That Had No Regard For The Source Material

The source material is to be respected.That is how the industry ought to work and that is what the fans love. But there are some shows that just don’t do this, some are still loved while the others are hated. Here is a list of some such animated superhero shows that have no regard for the source material:

Ultimate Spider-Man

Well, if there is anything that this Spidey can be called, it’s a poor man’s Deadpool. He breaks the 4th wall quite often and makes unfunny puns all the time. Not just that he also is a team leader and the series has the origin stories of the villains all fucked up.

Teen Titans Go!

Okay, this show is a real dream killer. Why? Because after the epic show Teen Titans ended on Cartoon Network, the audiences were crazy to see another season of the show. They got real burnt when it was told that the show won’t air. And then this came. Titans in their own wonderland, playing and making bad humor.

The Superhero Squad Show

This show will make you want to hate the Marvel universe. Why? Well, the characters here look like 5-year-olds and are given big heads in comparison to their bodies. That’s not the worse thing they got though, each is given a stupid trait, such as Hulk sucks his thumb and is over emotional, Thor, ecstatic all the time and Silver Surfer is like any other cool surfer.

Iron Man: Armored Series

Alrighty then, beware of getting yourself a Tony Stark who has no ego at all, tries to do good all the time, has no bad attitude whatsoever, with his father not killed but just captured, and oh he’s just 16 years old and has become Iron Man. And Pepper is his best friend.

Wolverine Anime

Animated Superhero Shows

We are sure that most of you guys didn’t even know about the existence of this superhero shows. Well, imagine Wolvie not being an uncaring and reckless anti-hero but a caring man who’s just motivated by love till the end of an entire series. Can you see the series going all anime-ish and flat? Yeah well, that’s what happened.

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