5 Famous Celebs Who Suffered From HIV

HELPS is among the world’s most lethal illnesses and is brought about by an infection called HIV infection. It’s been a long time since it was initially recorded. From that point, forward 36 million individuals have kicked the bucket by AIDS. What the infection does is that it assaults the safe arrangement of a human body and separates it, regularly prompting to death. Furthermore, this isn’t any poor man’s sickness, in light of the fact that there are a few celebs who experienced HIV/AIDS.

Helps is a standout amongst the most questionable maladies to have grasped the world. Researchers trust that the malady had its beginning in non-human primates which later by one means or another got transmitted to people in West-Central Asia. Throughout the years the malady has asserted a few lives including those endless celebs who experienced HIV/AIDS. Some survived, some didn’t.

1) Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson, Guitarist for the B-52s

Ricky Wilson, an American artist was conceived on nineteenth walk 1953 and passed on twelfth October 1985. He used to play guitar and was an individual from the famous band B52. His was initially determined to have the disease in 1983 when, Ricky, alongside his band, was recording their up and coming third studio collection named “Whammy!” After battling for survival for 2 long years, Ricky kicked the bucket at an age of 32 at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He was later covered in Oconee Hill Cemetry.

2) Gia Carangi


She was completely lovely, however, couldn’t battle for long and capitulated like different celebs who experienced HIV/AIDS. Gia Carangi was conceived on 29th January 1960 and passed on eighteenth November 1986. She was an American model by calling. Gia demonstrated for a portion of the top most brands like Giorgio Armani, Levi, Maybelline and so on amid her prospering vocation. Her vocation diagram began to fall simply after she got dependent on the courageous woman and must be admitted to Warminster General Hospital because of pneumonia. A couple days after the fact the specialists analyzed the nearness of HIV infection in her body. She was exchanged to Hahnemann University Hospital where she, at last, kicked the bucket at 26 years old.

3) Pedro Pablo Zamora


Pedro was conceived on 29th February 1972 and passed on eleventh November 1994. He was most likely one of the principal open gay men of the most recent century when homosexuality was still a wrongdoing in the US. He even had an accomplice named Sean Sasser. Pedro first came into the spotlight when he showed up on MTV’s ‘The Real World: San Fransisco’ where he discussed his life as an individual from the LGBT people group and about his sickness because of AIDS. He kicked the bucket at 4:40am EST on eleventh November after the last scene of the truth show was disclosed. Sean, his accomplice too experienced AIDS and passed on at an age of 44. After Pedro’s passing, US president Bill Clinton said out in the open that Pedro’s colossal fearlessness and boldness was rousing.

4) Rock Hudson


Good looking hunk Rock Hudson was conceived on seventeenth November 1925. He was a top class performing artist amid his period. Reports said that the reason for his AIDS was because of the influenced transfused blood which he needed to take amid his heart sidestep operation. He publically affirmed that he was experiencing AIDS in July 1985 following a year since he was determined to have the sickness. He passed on second October 1985 getting to be one of the celebs who experienced HIV/AIDS.

5) Brad Davis

hiv celebs suffered

The American on-screen character Brad Davis was conceived on sixth November 1949 in Florida. One of his most popular films was ‘Midnight Express’. Specialists determined him to have HIV in the year 1985 yet Davis never spoke openly about his wellbeing. Later, just before his passing, he distributed a collection of memoirs where he composed that he needed to keep his ailment a mystery so that his family could survive and get work. Notwithstanding when experiencing AIDS, Brad expanded opiate drugs. At that point one day he did a medication overdose and must be taken to healing facility by his family. There he chose to end his life by Euthanasia. He passed on eighth September 1991 encompassed by his family and dear companions.

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