5 Most Terrifying Evil Versions of Your Favorite Superheroes

A superhero is only as good as his/ her villain. What’s even better is when the villain has the exact same powers as the hero and more. Here are some villains who are the evil versions of the superheroes we love:

Black Adam

A phenomenal character in himself, Black Adam can be called more of an anti-hero than a villain as sometimes his actions can seem to be just his killings, necessary. However this eternal enemy of Shazam is someone, one wouldn’t want to trifle with. Not just that it’s really great in itself that it was Black Adam who made Shazam get his powers. Interesting!!


This was the time when Hulk was getting way too powerful to defeat, at this time the creators created a character who was even more powerful than the Hulk. Abomination is created when a Soviet spy comes into contact with the very gamma radiation that gave Hulk his powers. He though isn’t his eternal enemy but still, It was really amazing to see someone go head to head with the mighty Hulk.

Reverse Flash

Undoubtedly the most formidable enemy of Flash, the true identity of Eobard Thawne is that he’s from the future wand found Flash’s ring with the suit and some speed left in it. He recreated the speed and became the Reverse Flash. Not just that he went into the past to fight his inspiration and also killed his wife. Later, he goes even back to the past and kills Barry’s mother and even frames his father for it, making his life a living hell.


Sure we all are made o think that the greatest Green Lantern of all time was Hal Jordan, it’s not the truth. The greatest Green Lantern of ll time has been Sinestro, who’s regard for order became so much that eventually, he turned into a tyrant. Not just that he formed his own Sinestro Corps, who used the yellow ring and the power of fear. What makes this even more interesting is that he was once Hal’s teacher



Spider-Man is one such hero who has had many arch nemesis over the years. Sometimes it was Green Goblin, sometimes Doc Ock, but his most notable foe has always been Venom. Eddie Brock, a journalist who lost his career due to Spider-Man after bonding with the alien symbiote becomes Venom. With the exact powers of Spider-Man and more he torments Peter for quite a while, but in recent years Venom has become more of an anti-hero than a villain.

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