4 Superheroes That Have No Regard For Children’s Lives

Childhood is a tender age, an age in which children are taught good values to be better people, skills to make life easy, are educated so as to grow and be what they want to in the future, well, not every time. There are some kids who since their childhood are put into rigorous training, taught fighting, using weapons, are put into dangerous situations and some even made to kill by their mentors. Here is a list of some such superheroes who have no regard for children’s lives.


Calling the school Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and turning them into a special task force of their own is something that the x-Men do. They feel that a Marvel universe is quite an unsafe place for the mutants, and hence enrol mutants in the school, where the kids, apart from being taught subjects are made to fight evil mutants like Magneto and the Hellfire Club. Oh, and they are killed too. Just sometimes.

Reed Richards

Frank is the son of Dr Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) and Susan Storm. Even at a young age, Frank had the power to warp realities, but again he was inexperienced. This leads to some serious problems many a time, so much so that Reed started fearing that his son could be the cause of the Earth’s destruction one day. If someone feels so, he/she should teach their kid to control their powers, instead, he puts his child into a coma.

Green Arrow

Arrow Season 4

Oliver Queen. the billionaire vigilante had Speedy as his sidekick. Speedy aka Roy Harper who later came to known as Arsenal was an orphan, obviously and remained Green Arrow’s sidekick for long. Roy developed heroine addiction and when Oliver came to know about this, he punched him in the face and that’s not all. After this Roy, who should have been dealt with love was kicked out of the house too.


superheroes who have no regard for children's lives
Batman is one of those SUPERHEROES who doesn’t care about CHILDREN!

We all already knew that he was going to top our list. Batman has been more responsible than anyone in getting children into harm’s way. The caped crusader has till date had 5 Robins, out of which one-two died and one became mentally unstable. He sure doesn’t know how to take care of kids. It was in a recent edition that the Joker stabbed his son and the fifth Batman, Damian Wayne. Thanks to the Lazarus pit that Damian survived.

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