5 Amazing Comic-Book Movies of Chris Evans Apart From Captain America

Chris Evans has been a superstar ever since who took on the role of a lifetime- MCU’s Captain America. But believe or not, it was not the actor’s first foray into comic book heroes. Here are five comic book movies Chris Evans has been in that’s not Captain America:

Fantastic Four:

In 2005, Chris Evans began a journey with comic book movies with Fantastic Four. Evans was cast as the Human Torch aka Johnny storm, the cocky younger brother of Sue Storm played by Jessica Alba. The movie did so well that a sequel was released in 2007.


In Push, Chris Evans plays a superhuman psychic who prevented the US government from taking advantage of other superhumans like him. Evans starred alongside a young Dakota Fanning whom he became a sort of protector for.The movie came before the comics, but the story arc was interesting enough to garner a comic tie-in. (It was published by Wildstorm).

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World:

Evans played the action star/skateboarder Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. The movie was based on the graphic novel of the same name by Bryan O’Malley. Lucas Lee was one of the villains called the Evil Exes who tried to fight Scott Pilgrim for pursuing his ex-Ramona Flowers.


Snowpiercer is a science fiction thriller based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige.The movie is about a dystopian ice age future where Evan’s character played the revolutionary leader Curtis Everett. It was Evan’s most critically praised performance.

The Losers:

captain america chris evans


The Losers is based on Vertigo publication of the comics with the same name. The movie was about an elite black ops team who faked their own deaths and wound up uncovering a shady government conspiracy.Chris Evans played the character of Captain Jake Jensen, a computer hacker who was also the comic relief of the movie.

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