5 Most Memorable Superhero Catch Phrases of All Time

Superheroes are not just remembered for how powerful they are or how many people they take down, but also by how much a retention factor do they have with them, there are a lot of superheroes and a lot of catch phrases too. But there are some that just can’t be missed, here is a list of some superheroes with the best catch phrases.

The Flash

The Flash season 4 scarlet speedster

The Scarlett Speedster living in Central City has been known to be funny and have a way with words. He is undoubtedly the best speedster in the entire DC universe. His catch phrase, pun totally intended is “Back in a flash” He sure knows how to show his wit while acting all suave.

Green Lantern

If one has a long catch phrase, it sure is not going to stick with the fans, except when it’s the Green Lantern taking his oath. “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might. Beware my power—Green Lantern’s Light” This oath of his, acts as a vow taken by the corps and also used to scare the enemies or sometimes even a power up.


No catchphrase creates fear into the fans of the villains as much as the phrase “I’m Batman” in a grim tone. The Dark Knight is undoubtedly the most feared vigilante who’s out there. And his phrase along with his dark aura and Cape sure makes the wrongdoers pee their pants just by him even murmuring this phrase.



Well, this one is not a catchphrase of a single superhero but of an entire superhero team. The earth’s mightiest heroes when rally out, sure have a hell of a battle cry with them, it being an instruction as well as a powering up phrase. “Avengers Assemble” this phrase can be heard usually by the mouth of Captain America, or sometimes even Iron Man.


catch phrasesThere are a lot of phrases which people remember, some strike fear, while some are a battle cry, but there is this phrase which not only is a wave of positivity for the audience, but also is something that connects the hero to the people and gives them a sense of reassurance. “I’m your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” yep, that does it.

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