These Guys Made Batman Shit His Pants (No. 3 is a shocker)

Batman is a formidable fighter, but dude is still human and can’t have it every time his way. He’s been defeated quite a few times by some powerful allies and foes, here is a few of them who beat him:


Of course, after BvS all the world is thinking that Batman can beat Superman, no sweat but that’s not the case every time. Supes has beaten Batsy a lot of times, once is win Injustice, where Superman breaks the Dark Knight on his knee that too in the Batcave.


Deathstroke is known to be quite a grey and deep character, somewhat like Batman, and has been beaten by Batman multiple times, but not every time, in Deathstroke issue 8 and 9 he beats up Batman real good, leaving him out of his senses, defeated and humiliated.Then again, we are talking about the guy who is a trained assassin, uses 90% of his brain and has regenerative capabilities.

Lady Shiva

Well, you might be good, but I still am your teacher. That’s right, Lady Shiva is one of those people who trained a young Bruce Wayne in becoming the Dark Knight. Not only that she also helped him re-train after the whole Bane back breaking scene, not only that she also has trained one of the Robins. During a confrontation, Shiva took on Batman and Nightwing at the same time and still won.

Wonder Woman


They might be the Super Trio of the DC universe, but Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have had a fair share of fights too. Here Batman and Wonder Woman can’t come to an agreement over the future of a young Amazon princess, they decide to battle it out, and the outcome, well it is what you’d expect to get when a Goddess battles a mere mortal. She has Batman’s had in a puddle in the end.


Well, Joker has taken more from Bats than anyone, no one else has the guts to chop the hands of Bruce’s butler, kill his protege, or kidnap the entire Bat-family, but the time when he actually beat him was in Emperor Joker, where the clown had the powers of a God, and he tortured and killed and resurrected the Dark Knight every day.

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