5 Extremely Under-Rated DC Superheroes

There are always some superheroes who are really strong willed or even strong physically, can perform various tricks that even people’s favorite superheroes can’t. Here’s a list of some pretty kick-ass heroes who still couldn’t leave that mark in people’s hearts. Or in other words, are underrated.


Shazam couldn’t get his dues as the character’s name is kinda weird and his personality too is quite goofy. With almost the same superpowers as Superman, but a quite different origins story the character is constantly outshined by Superman, because well Superman came first.

Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’ones is a really tragic character. Apparently the last surviving green martian who witnessed the death of not only his family but his entire kind. He is said to be the second most powerful member of the jJustice League after Superman. He has Super strength, can fly, go intangible, can perform telekinesis, has regenerative abilities, has 9 senses, Martian vision, can manipulate mass etc. And still not loved.


Aquaman is the king of Atlantis, that is the King of Water, which actually means technically of 70% of the Earth. He wields a trident that can even pierce through Superman’s armor, is super strong and can talk to the fish which is why his character has been a joke all this time, but maybe with Momoa cast for the role will be a change for the character.


Raven is a total badass, the girl can telepath and control her soul self, allowing her to have her eyes and ears away from her physical body.Half human half demon, Raven was told to grow up suppressing her emotions to keep her demonic powers in check. She’s capable of inducing calm, suppressing negativity and can even make people fall in love with her, how about that guys!



With the monotony of Robin being with Batman, the Batgirl character was a great addition to the Bat family. She initially had weapons like lipsticks and bracelets, but now just have a look at the girl, she sure can kick butt. There have been several Batgirls, but people’s favorite is the arc of Barbara Gordon.

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