5 Comic-Book Characters Whose Weaknesses Make Them Stronger

What makes superheroes super is not that they’re perfect but that they can do much more with their disabilities than we can even think of. Under here are some of the comic-book characters who despite their disability can kick some serious butts.

Bart Allen

This might come as a surprise to most of you as the young speedster doesn’t have a real knee. Bart Allen aka Kid Flash, after joining the Teen Titans was shot in the Knee by Deathstroke, who at that time is possessed. This seriously injures the boy, and he after that needs to get a prosthetic leg, but this didn’t affect his speedster abilities at all.

Nick Fury

Fury worked as a stuntman for a short while, after which he with his friend used to fight crime. Due to his skills, he was made to serve with the British commandos. After which he was taken in by the United States Army. After losing his eye in World War Two, Fury didn’t give up. He also worked with the CIA and eventually became the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Being blind has never stopped Matt Murdock, apart from being a superhero, the blind dude is also a lawyer by the day. He’s one of Marvel’s best superheroes. A skilled martial artist, a great hand to hand combatant, he sure is someone who can kick butt and do a lot with his blind stick.

Charles Xavier

One of the X-Men’s strongest mutants, Charles Xavier, who is impaired to a wheelchair is a father figure and a great professor to the students of the ‘House for the Gifted’ he is not only a leading expert in genetics but also a very powerful telepath who can read minds, manipulate memories and control minds too.



Towards the end of ‘The Killing Joke’ the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon aka the Batgirl in the stomach to drive her father insane, which almost worked. This eventually paralyzes her, but she doesn’t stop there. She takes on the mantle of the Oracle and uses her computer skills to help her superhero friends.

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