Was the IRON MAN Villain Obadiah Stane HYDRA?

OBADIAH STANE AND HYDRA? Is this a Joke? Well, Probably No! This is weird but read on.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the existence of HYDRA wasn’t revealed until CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. We see that it is revealed by the preserved consciousness of Arnim Zola. The supercomputer revealed that ever since S.H.I.E.L.D was founded, HYDRA had secretly been infiltrating its ranks operating from within. However, we have something insane for you.It seems plausible that Obadiah Stone was a member of the HYDRA. Could Marvel have teased HYDRA way before the events of Captain America: Winter Solider?  So, now we can trace the existence of HYDRA to as far back as IRON MAN.

The theory suggests that Obadiah Stane came to work for Stark Industries to take command of the company and use it to shape the world. It was no secret that Howard Stark, was the number one weapons manufacturer in the world and was one of the founding members of S.H.I.E.L.D. Thus, Stane started working for Stark Industries, climbing up the ranks and was certain to take the reigns of the company after Bucky Barnes killed Howard Stark and his wife. But, Tony was brilliant and Obadiah just became a caretaker of the company until Tony came of age.

obadiah stane tony starkNow as to then why didn’t HYDRA killed off Tony? Well, he was a brilliant weapons inventor and cared less about politics. Thus, they allowed him to revolutionise and shape the weapons all over the world. When he becomes too much of a menace for HYDRA they have him arranged to be killed after he designs his best weapon yet: THE JERICHO MISSILE. The weapon that puts the balance of power back. That seems like a guy willing to sell to terrorists and how he’s secretly using STARK INDUSTRIES to de-stabilize the world. However, this plan of HYDRA was foiled after the invention of IRON MAN suit and we know what happened after.

But what is toke away from this is, that if OBADIAH STANE was really HYDRA, it shows the depth of Marvel Universe.

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