8 Dark Secrets That Are Hidden In Your Favorite Hollywood Movies

Illuminati is the common name given to various secret societies, both fictitious and real. No one knows whether the organization still exists and its purpose is also often debated. Are they assigned to wipe out the existing humanity and to create a whole new world? Or are they actually the protectors of the world? Or are they a group of millionaires who constantly meet and chill out? No one knows. But many conspirators strongly believe that their symbolism and influence is all around us, especially in Hollywood movies. Let’s have a look at 8 dark secrets hidden in your favorite Hollywood movies.

The Eye of Providence &The Pyramid

The Eye of Providence, often referred to as the all-seeing eye and the pyramid are seen in a lot of movies and this symbol is highly related with the Illuminati. The starters might have seen it in the posters and trailers of Nicolas Cage’s National Treasure. You could also see the symbol reference in the Harry Potter movies, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Doctor Strange and even in the promotional poster of 127 Hours. Conspiracists strongly believe that these indicate the Illuminati’s influence in Hollywood.

Social Change Conditioning

8 Dark Secrets Hidden In Your Favorite Hollywood Movies!

Some conspiracists are of the opinion that the Illuminati are planning a population calling epidemic and they are trying to make us less sensitive so that we could face it and that’s the reason why many Hollywood flicks showcase such horrible events. Zombie movies like I Am Legend, World War Z, and Land of the Dead etc. are prime examples of such social change conditioning.

Alien Invasions

Just like the above mentioned social change conditioning, may conspiracists believe that Illuminati are trying to assemble the world for a forthcoming alien invasion and that’s the main reason why movies like Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Battle: Los Angeles, and Battleship etc. showcase such alien invasions. By conditioning us in this way, the illuminati hopes that we would be able to accept the arrival of aliens on our planet.

Mind Control & Hypnotic Triggers

Many Conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that the Illuminati use mind control & hypnotic triggers to initialize their subjects to execute various missions on their interests. The prime example is Project Monarch as it was a real life example drafted to generate mind-controlled slaves to carry out the Illuminati’s missions. We have seen the usage of this technique in a number of movies, including The Manchurian Candidate, Zoolander, and Captain America: Civil War etc.

Serpents, Reptiles & Dragons

Serpents, reptiles & dragons are undoubtedly some of the widely feared creatures and they are widely used to symbolize the cold-blooded and heartless ruling society (the Illuminati to be more precise). Hollywood uses the modernized versions of these creatures and you can see it in movies like Snakes on a Plane, Anaconda, Python, Hobbit series, Godzilla movies, and Jurassic Park franchise etc. All these movies present the creatures as powerful and fearsome and a threat to humans.

Goddesses with Flaming Torches

Goddesses with Flaming Torches (or eternal flames) are widely used to symbolize the enlightened ones (or the Illuminati). We can see the use of such imagery in countless movies and the conspiracy theorists strongly believe that it is due to the influence of the Illuminati. The logo of the Columbia Pictures is the prime example of such an imagery. We can also see such imageries in movies like Ghostbusters, Escape from New York, The Day After Tomorrow, and X-Men etc.

Alternate Realities & Illusionary Worlds

Most of the conspiracy theorists consider the Illuminati as the overseers of an illusionary world or alternate reality and they believe it to be real. Many conspiracists believe that the Illuminati want to hide humanity’s real purpose and the movies showcasing such things teaches us about our actual reality.  We can see alternate realities & illusionary worlds in a movie like Inception, Matrix franchise, The Mist, Dark City, and Doctor Strange etc.


We all know that the number 666 is closely associated with Satan. But conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the Illuminati have adapted this number to display their fidelity to the dark side. The conspiracists believe that the wide use of 666 in Hollywood flicks is due to the influence of the Illuminati. You could see the number imprinted in the clothing of Bellatrix (Harry Potter) and also in the Walt Disney logo. 666 has also been used in movie titles such as Route 666, 666 the Devil’s Child, and Officer 666 etc.

Joyal Jose

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