5 Famous Celebrities Who Married For Fame And Money

It is hard to find someone who accepts all your imperfections and still loves you till your last breath, especially when you are an A-List celebrity. It is quite rare to see them marrying an unknown person. Most of the times things work according to what each other’s net worth say about each other, considering fame as a factor. It is so strange to see how people get married just for money or either for fame. Today we bring you five celebrities who married just for fame and money.

Kris Humphries with Kim Kardashian

According to some close source, Kim Kardashian married two times for money. One of her marriages with Kris Humphries is an example she set in her life. Now she is married to rapper Kanye West, things have gotten bigger. Well, money talks.

Elin Nordegren with Tiger Woods

Well, Tiger Woods is one of the most successful players in the world of golf and now Elin Nordegren is his ex-wife now. No matter who was the gold digger at that time they got married, she got $100 million of his dollars after the couple split up.

Nick Cannon with Mariah Carey

Fans of Mariah Carey had never thought that she would be spending her life as a soul mate to Nick   Cannon. It is clear that Carey’s worth is $500 million, while Cannon had $25 million the time they married.

Justin Theroux with Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux may not be an A-list celebrity like his wife Jennifer Aniston, but we still wonder why did it take three years to decide their marriage. Though they tied themselves in prenuptial agreement of income, Theroux still has so many benefits to spending life with Aniston.

Kevin Federline with Britney Spears


Kevin Federline was a backup dancer before he married to the pop star Britney Spears. Both of them were often seen hanging out at bars. They stayed with each other just for three years. And you know what? Their split turned out to be more profitable as Kevin received a fat payout for this.

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