The Mighty Thor Will Cry Like A Baby In Ragnarok

Thor had missed out a lot by not appearing in Captain America: Civil war. While his Avenger teammates went on a full out war against each other, the hero was nowhere in sight, which even led Chris Hemsworth, the actor of Thor to wonder if he was fired from Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel had huge plans for the character, and in Thor Ragnarok, he will not only battle a fellow Avenger but also lose his trusty hammer as we saw in the trailer.

But now the real question is… will he lose his arm as well?

The Instagram account Accurate.mcu posted a fan art which depicted the hero from Thor Ragnarok and the character from the Unworthy Thor series.

The side by side comparison also hinted that MCU’s Thor’s may be losing his arm just as he does in the series.

In the comics, Thor has lost his arm three times. In 2003’s Thor Vol.2#67, Thor lost his arm but was undone when the God of Thunder traveled back in time to undo his past actions. In Thor Vol.4 #4, Thor’s arm was cut off by Malekith the Dark Elf, using the mystical axe Jarnbjorn.

He later was declared unworthy of Mjolnir. The third time Thor lost his arm was in the alternate universe where an older Thor lost an arm in battle and had to use a prosthesis made from the Destroyer armor.

thor ragnarok

MCU fans will remember that Thor had inadvertently lost his arm in Thor: The Dark World, but that was just a prank that was played by Loki and Thor when they were trying to fool Malekith and Kurse on Svartalfheim. The loss of an arm may be an epic part for Thor Ragnarok, making the character more humble than ever before to win back his trusty hammer.

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