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17 Sexiest Superhero Costumes That Will Dazzle You

Comic buffs are everywhere these days. They are the ones who show up on the front seats of Comic-Con whether it is San Diego or Shanghai. Here’s a collection of super sexy cosplays put together by comic-book lovers.

 1. Ghostbusters

(Photo via Brit + Co)

2. Teen Titans

(Photo via Paul Robinson)

3. Disney Princesses

(Photo via UT San Diego)

4. Scooby-Doo

 (Photo via Neon Tommy)

5. Zelda

(Photo via Deviant Art)

6. The Incredibles

(Photo via Halloween Costume Ideas)

7. Hipster Disney Princesses

 (Photo via Maison Mouse)

8. Wolverine

(By Superhero costumes)

9. Power Rangers

(Photo via The Superhero Costuming Forum)

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

(Photo via Halloween Costume Ideas)

11. Sylvanas

By Reilena

12. Wonder Woman

By black milk clothing

13. Captain America USO Girl

(Photo via Mey Lynn)

14. Powerpuff Girls

(Photo via Instructables)

15. Sailor Moon

(Photo via Deviant Art)

16. DIY Harley Quinn

(Photo via Brit + Co)

17. Thor

superhero costumes

(By Superhero costumes)

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