QB Cosplay

Here’s a Manual for YOU To Become A SUPERHERO

We all can be superheroes. Don’t believe it? Well…then go ahead and see how normal people discovered their inner superhero through art.

Morgan Herrmann, 17, student

Dana Paige, 28, billing analyst

Jack Farzan, 21, student/programmer/artist

Jennifer Rose, 37, seamstress/administrative assistant

Lindsay, 31, art and UX director for an event technology company

Al Vasquez, 32, news video editor/producer

Kyle Stark, 33, CNC machinist

Joseph B. B. Quinn, 26, art director

Colen P., 24, security guard

Ruby Rinekso, “Over 21” (“to quote Christopher Reeve’s Superman”), graphic designer and musician

Diana Lin, 32, illustrator and children’s wear designer

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