Marvel Released The Next Avengers Project Set In The World Of Anime

Marvel has expanded at a rate no other company can compare currently. Not only has the company diversified from the comic book world to a super successful movie world, it has also made extensions to television in both cartoons and the traditional television series format. Netflix’s Daredevil, Luke Cage, and company have given Marvel a new format to traditional storytelling. Out of all its heroes, The Avengers have continued to enjoy success in any division they have been featured in. The company will soon diversify to another popular forum.

Marvel Released The Next Avengers Project Set In The World Of Anime
CBR reports that Marvel will premiere Marvel Future Avengers, an anime series on DLife. Anime, which has its start in Japan has grown to a worldwide phenomenon where stories are told through animation but subject matters are not limited. The new Avengers series will follow the story of a group of newly empowered kids who team up with the Avengers as their sidekicks. Hopefully, this new team up will not be a one-time thing and continue on in future seasons.

This is not the first time that Marvel has done anime. Marvel disk wars: The Avengers was previously a collaboration with Madhouse and Toei which was more focused on the younger children dynamic. In addition to the anime, a manga (Japanese comic book) will be written and drawn by Teruaki Mizuno and will appear in April’s issue of Shogakukan’s Bessatsu Coro Coro Comics Special.

Marvel’s expansion into anime marks the company’s popularity with a worldwide audience. Fans of anime will finally get to see their favorite heroes portrayed in another forum which hopefully will give a new perspective to the characters like we’ve never seen before. Since the writers will have changed from western ones to eastern one, the values of the artists will totally be seen or portrayed for a new audience that might not speak English, but a deeper sensitivity to their characters.

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