Justice League Teases A Major Storyline For The FLASH

The latest trailer for Justice League gave an in-depth look into what the entire movie will be about. Besides the main plotline of the Justice League coming together to protect Earth from Steppenwolf, the trailer gave small glimpses into every team members story. And one clip that stood out was the scene between Barry Allen and his father. Fans of the scarlet speedster noted that Barry’s father’s incarceration may lead to the potential adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline for his own solo movie.

Flashpoint is a popular storyline in the comic world of the Flash as it showcases a different world that had been affected by the action of The Flash.

In the story, Reverse-Flash aka Eobard Thawne hated The Flash so much that he killed Barry’s mother Nora. The murder is just the first step of the villains plan to bring Barry’s life in shambles.

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Barry’s father is accused of murdering his wife and is put in jail. Barry, after becoming Flash, goes back in time to prevent Thawne from killing his mother, but the resulting “time boom” sends shockwaves through the reality that completely alter the DC universe.

This new change leads his fellow Justice League members to choose different routes in life. Bruce Wayne has died and his father Thomas Wayne has become Batman, Wonder woman and Aquaman have taken their back on humanity. Superman is a prisoner of the government and Cyborg is the only real hero doing justice to the name superhero. But will DCEU adapt Flashpoint into the Flash’s solo film? The CW’s The Flash has adapted the storyline but has not stuck to the original source material. Since Barry’s father incarceration is seen only seen in Flashpoint storyline, it may be more or less true that at least part of the comic will see light on the silver screen.

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