The X-Men franchise has made over a dozen films, which have included various mutants and their stories. These stories have, however, been not finished properly and that has left us wondering forever. Here are the five storylines that have stood out the most:

Wolverine And his Adamantium Claws:

4 Storylines The X-Men franchise Failed To Really Give An End To

In The Wolverine, Logan loses his adamantium claws after they are cut off by Silver Samurai. His claws grew back with uncovered bones as he had kind of destroyed Weapon X in the first Wolverine movie, leaving no chance for him to get it fixed by the creators. So when Wolverine made a return in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, he mysteriously had his adamantium claws back.

Professor X Coming Back To Life:

In X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor X becomes vaporized into particles when Jean Grey is possessed by her Dark Phoenix persona. So when he made an appearance in Days Of Future Past and Logan, you just had to wonder how Xavier became reformed again.This one, actually kind of has an answer to it which you would not believe. In X-Men: The Last Stand DVD commentary, it was revealed that Charles was able to transfer his consciousness into the body of a brain-dead man who was, surprise, his twin brother.

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