X-Men Vs The Avengers: This Marvel Telepath Knows Who Will Win!

In the Marvel Universe, there are many super teams that can be acknowledged as being pretty jam-packed with powerful members. The two most famous ones are undoubtedly The X-Men and The Avengers. The two teams house some mighty heroes who could cause world destruction if they wanted to. But in a fight with each other, which team would win?

One Marvel hero who knows the winner of this fight is Patrick Stewart aka Professor Xavier, the powerful telepath from the X-Men. Stewart, in an interview with during the promotion of Logan, told the site his thoughts on who would be the victor in a fight between the two super teams:

 “X-Men versus? I don’t know who the Avengers are… Of course, I do. There’s no contest. Bring on Famke Jansen, James Marsden… We’ll sort them out.”

As Stewart has been a part of the X-Men team for two decades, it’s not surprising that he would choose his team, based on loyalty alone. The X-Men do have characters with intense powers like Jean Gray and Cyclops. Of Course, Professor X is definitely included in this list. But what the X-Men have lacked, The Avengers have ample amounts of.


Unlike The X-Men, The Avengers have fully fledged heroes who have come to terms with their powers and have harnessed it to fight both heroes and villains. Many of the X-Men have yet to fully have control of their powers, so in a fight, that might be a disadvantage. The X-Men also have a larger team than The Avengers, which may help in the long run.

The fight, however, may only a fictional one, given that both X-Men and The Avengers are owned by opposing studios but with the inclusion of Spider-Man into Marvel, one can only hope that fans will one day see this epic fight on screen.

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