Who are the Friends of Wolverine? The Answer Will Shock You

Wolverine is known to be a loner, but he has met some people that have been worthy of his trust. Here are the 5 friendships he has that will surprise you:


The longest and most unexpected friendship that Wolverine had with a superhero was Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler. The two joined X-Men together during the second generation. Wolverine was not the most friendly to Nightcrawler when they first met, even giving him the nickname Misfit. But as he got to know the guy, he found out that they were two sides of the same coin. Nightcrawler was one of the few X-Men members who enjoyed training with Logan and the only one who could genuinely make him laugh. Logan even changed his nickname to Elf. When Kurt died, Logan could not cope with the loss, which showed how much he truly cared for his friend.

Captain America

Captain America and Wolverine first met during World War II, so as acquaintances the duo have known each other for half a century. Their friendship, however, started when they met again during the modern era. Both shared the adventure with their team up with The Avengers and The X-Men and got close when Logan joined the New Avengers. Logan softened up when his memory was restored after House Of M and there seems to be no stopping this friendship.

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