3 WORST Flash Villains Of All Time

Flash is one of the influential superheroes and the speedster of the comic book universe. In fact, he is the fastest man alive. And it has been said that great heroes are defined from the greatness of villains. If we take a look at the silver age of Flash, his rogues’ gallery is so colorful with some flaunting their weapons and some with superpowers. Without further ado, with no particular order, we bring you three worst villains of Flash.

 1) Trickster – Axel Walker


All the old Flash followers are pretty much aware of the character Axel Walker also known as Trickster. Mark Hamil played the role of Trickster in 1990’s The Flash TV series with John Wesley Shipp playing and also in the 2014’s The Flash TV series with Grant Gustin still playing. With the help of Blacksmith, who is also the leader of the black market, Axel Walker again made his debut after stealing the clothes and gadgets of the old retired Trickster. He was not a decent villain.

2) Griffin Grey


Also called Griffin, Gary Griffin turned out to be a friend-into-enemy for fourth Flash, Bart Allen. He was actually of the good speedster who got powers after an explosion but then he failed to figure out the actual mantra of staying young. He overused his powers die. Before he debuts in 2006, there had been a long range of adversaries for rest if the Scarlet Speedster.

3) The Comforter

comfo flash villains

The Comforter appeared after Gotham City’s villain Deacon Blackfire turned all the homeless people of the city into an insane army, which used to raid the houses. And in those raids, Will Jones’ wife, Elise, was murdered by the mad people. After that, Jones built hatred against all the homeless people and began to slaughter them. He believed that he was giving them a comfort and taste of death.

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