5 Fights Iron Man Has Started With The Avengers In MCU

Iron Man may be a key member of the Avengers but that does not mean he has always got along with his famous team members. The hero has been in some pretty rough fights. Here are the top five fights that he has ever started:

Captain America

5 Fights Iron Man Has Started With The Avengers In MCU

The relationship between Iron Man and Captain America was testy from their first introduction. Steve Roger’s old school attitude just could not really bond with Tony’s larger than life personality.The duo fought twice in Avengers(one of which was a three-way battle of epic proportions between Iron Man, Captain America, nd Thor), had a brewing tension in Age Of Ultron and finally broke The Avengers in Civil War. That last film also saw a bloody and emotional fight between the two heroes.

The Hulk

Bruce Banner and tony Stark may have bonded immediately because of their mutual love for science, but there was no love lost when the duo fought in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. They were both equally at fault for creating Ultron but these two brainiacs left Africa in a state that will never be the same again.


Thor and Iron Man tussled it out the only way men do afterward fail to do the job. In Avengers, Thor along with Captain America battled Iron Man in one of the most epic fights that Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen to date. It was a battle that showcased that all three heroes were not to be messed with( but totally unnecessary. Loki does make too much mischief) Thor and Iron Man have since only sparred with their tongues rather than their fists.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch and Iron Man just never really got along. For one thing, the Witch messed with Iron Man so much that he will me mentally affected till Avengers Infinity war. The duo also came to blows when they disagreed with the birth of The Vision and again in Civil Wars when Scarlet Witch stuck with opposing team-Team Captain America.


The quiet Hawkeye has come to blows with Iron Man more than once. First as a hypnotized lackey for Loki in The Avengers and then again in Captain America: Civil War. Team Captain America had a hardcore follower in Hawkeye, and Iron Man just could not get behind that fact.

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