5 Most Gorgeous Female Cricketers In The World

Women have transcended to every sport, including cricket. We believe that it is the game of gentlemen, women have also been taking part in this game. Since they have come a long way, they are not behind in living through fame, money, and glamor. Not only they are talented, they have got a fascinating personality and looks that will steal your heart. So, without any further ado, we bring you five most gorgeous female cricketers who look ravishing on and off-field.

1. Rosalie Birch

Most Gorgeous Female Cricketers In The World

Rosalie Birch is another beautiful face in the world cricket. Currently a part pf England’s women team. The lower middle order batsman and an off-spinner, Birch has helped her team to win Ashes in 2005 and regaining it in 2008.

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