5 Most Unforgivable Things Loki Has Ever Done

In Marvel Comics, there may be no other villains as clever or contrite like Thor’s brother Loki. The God of mischief has done some seriously twisted things which changed the Marvel universe all because he has the itch to cause trouble. Here are 5 unforgivable things Loki has ever done:

He Created The Avengers

Loki was the reason that The Avengers were formed. During one of his mischievous and vengeful games, He manipulated a fight to occur between Thor and The Hulk. Iron Man, Ant-Man, and the Wasp ended up getting involved in the fight as well. The group may have started on a bad foot but ended up joining forces to battle evil in the Marvel world, something Loki also had to face later in the comics and movies.

Loki Turned Thor Into A Frog

The God of Mischief keeps himself amused by causing chaos on Earth and everywhere else. But his most mischevious plots often involve his mighty warrior brother Thor. In Thor #364, Loki used the discarded magic sword of Surtur to turn Thor into a frog. That right, he finally made his brother croak for an entire issue.

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