5 Famous Actors Who Were FIRED From Their Movie Productions

The toughest part in filming is selecting an actor for a lead role. It is mostly dependent on the vision of the filmmaker. Even after a cast and crew has been selected, there are still no guarantees that movie will be hit and the character will shine. Sometimes, the producers get so pissed off that they decide to kick out the actors that they considered perfect for roles. So today we bring you five famous actors who were fired from their movie production.

1) Anne Hathaway: Knocked Up

Anne Hathaway has done several different roles to achieve the success she has had as an actress, from nude scenes to shaving her head and singing live for Les Miserable, which contributed to her Academy Award win. However, she didn’t want to do a graphic birthing scene in Knocked Up. She was on board completely until director Judd Apatow explained his plan for a realistic birthing scene. As a result, Hathaway refused.

2) Ryan Gosling: The Lovely Bones

(FILES) In this May 20, 2014 file photo, Canadian actor Ryan Gosling smiles as he arrives for the screening of the film "Lost River" at the 67th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France. Hollywood hearthrob Ryan Gosling and his actress girlfriend Eva Mendes are proud parents of a baby daughter, media reports said September 16, 2014. Mendes, who began dating the Canadian actor in 2011, gave birth last Friday, according to US Weekly, which first reported the birth. AFP PHOTO / ALBERTO PIZZOLI / FILESALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images
Ryan Gosling is known for being a serious actor who is dedicated to his craft. He was originally cast as the grieving father in the film adaptation of Alice Sebold’s bestseller, The Lovely Bones. He was fired because he was too young to realistically play a father of two teenagers. However, it was revealed that he was fired because he came to the set 60 pounds heavier and sported a fully bushy beard.

3) Megan Fox: Transformers

Megan Fox began her career playing the mean girl to the likes of Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins. Most would assume that Fox would be grateful to Michael Bay for casting her as the sexy female lead in a big budget spectacle. Transformer. Eventually, She compared Bay to Adolf Hitler. and unfortunately, she was fired.

4) Stuart Townsend: Lord Of The Rings


When Stuart Townsend was cast in Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, unfortunately, he was fired because he was just too young to play the character of Aragorn.

5) Christian Bale: American Psycho

epa03308459 Actor Christian Bale, of the UK, arrives for the world premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises' in New York, New York, USA, 16 July 2012. The movie, which is the third in the Dark Knight trilogy, opens nationwide on 20 July 2012. EPA/JUSTIN LANE

American Psycho is based on the Bret Easton Ellis’s novel. The Homicidal Patrick Bateman was almost going to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio but that only after Bale was fired. Christain Bale was fired when the production team learned that DiCaprio is interested in playing the lead role, but later DiCaprio refused the movie. Fortunately, the script fell back into his hands.

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