5 Types Of Kryptonite That Superman is Extremely Afraid of

Superman is somewhat indestructible by Earth’s standard. He is fast, strong, bullet proof and the Earth’s sun makes him more power. He also is a kind, noble character who even Batman looks up to (sometimes). But one thing he does have a weakness for is Louis Lane… oops.. I mean Kryptonite- the rock-like substance from home planet of Krypton. What many people don’t know is that there are many types of Kryptonite like there are diamonds in the world. Some bad, some really awful and some just plain funny. Here are the five types of kryptonite Superman really hates:

Green Kryptonite

The Green Kryptonite is the most well-known kryptonite that weakens Superman and his fellow Kryptonians. But they are not the only ones affected, even humans are prone to be affected in the long term if they are exposed long enough. Lex Luthor, the long time enemy of Superman, for example, developed cancer due to Kryptonite.

Red Kryptonite

Red Kryptonite is actually more powerful than the green one, as it weakens Superman and his fellow Kryptonians severely and causes major mood swings and even mutations. A rock which has caused a lot of trouble when it’s been exposed.

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