4 Reasons Why Batman Fans Should Trust Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck had reportedly told The Guardian that if things don’t come together with the way he thinks they should, he would not continue in helming the upcoming film.A shocking statement that has DC fans scared, as Affleck has proved himself the perfect Batman for DCEU. Would he really go through with it? We hope not. So we have listed four good reasons why Ben Affleck is the perfect fit for The Batman:

Ben Affleck Has a Specialty In Crime/Detective movies

4 Reasons Why Batman Fans Should Trust Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has proved himself an accomplished director. He even garnered an Acadamy Award nomination and won a few for his past works. He also deals with a lot of mystery/detective/crime story thrillers. And since Batman is DC’s greatest detective, it would be a loss to have a director who could go into the mindset of a crime.DCEU needs to see other directors give their films anything other than the Zack Snyder treatment for the future.

He Is DCEU’s Batman

Within the small line-up that DCEU has offered so far, Ben Affleck has proved himself to be their strongest player.He is also their biggest star who has embodied what many fans have visualized The dark Knight to be actually like in real life.Unlike Christian Bale’s Batman, Affleck played a gruff, violent Batman to a tee.

He Knows What’s At Stake

Ben Affleck has discussed in previous interviews about his admiration for Batman’s filmography which has directors like Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton churning out movies that have lasted past their time. So he knows that fans want to see and are finally expecting to see Batman, much in the light of the comics.But quality takes time and can’t be rushed. A statement that DCEU needs to learn, as the actor said, “there’s not enough money in the world to make a mediocre version of Batman worth it.”

DCEU Should Not Rush Their Movies

DCEU has proved in the past that its executives like to butt into the film-making. They changed the entire premise of Suicide Squad after the bad reviews of BvS. An action that a writer/director like Affleck does not seem to like. The studio has officially[and unofficially]given statements pertaining to the film that seems to have irked Affleck’s sensibilities. The studio needs to back down before something irreconcilable potentially happens.

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