Hellboy 3: 5 Mind-Blowing Storylines That Should Be In The New Movie

With talks of Hellboy 3 being in the news, we cannot help but get excited for the possibilities the third and final film will be about. Here are five storylines we hope Guillermo Del Toro would give a chance to be part of the movie:

The Queen Of Blood

Hellboy 3: 5 Mind-Blowing Storylines That Should Be In The New Movie

In the Hellboy comics, the Queen Of Blood emerged as a threatening force that scared other Hellboy villains t their core. She, in her past life, had her body torn to pieces, sealed in a box and buried deep beneath the earth with a giant to guard it.Her resurrection required blood sacrifice.The Queen OF Blood brings together some of Hellboy’s past storylines and can create a chaos that he has not yet seen before.The Queen is also a vessel for the chaos gods, the Ogdru Jahad who turned her into a dragon like a creature.

King Arthur

In Hellboy’s universe, King Arthur and his lore are more than just legends. Hellboy is actually a direct descendant of the famous English king, by way of his witch mother Sarah. The third Hellboy could take a turn toward Hellboy’s past, giving closure with a visit to the past.

Hellboy’s Parentage

The first Hellboy film gave a perspective of the nature vs nurture argument. The character grew up with beliefs and ethics influenced by his adopted father Professor Bruttenholm. The third film could finally reveal more of Hellboy’s mysterious beginnings, especially since the second film ended with him being an expecting father. In the comics, third his real parents were the demon Azazel and Sarah Hughes, a sixteenth-century witch. He was conceived in Hell but was brought into the world by Rasputin. This history could line up with the struggles that the hero may feel in his present status as a father.

The Oannes Society

The Golden Army, the second Hellboy film had a subplot that dealt with the doomed relationship between Abe Sapien and the fairy princess Nuala. The third Hellboy film could further explore the life of Abe(as a sub plot) and include the Oannes Society. Through the Oannes Society’s involvement, audiences could learn about Abe’s beginnings as a mad human scientist called Langdon Caul who died due to a failed experiment and was brought back by the Society to become an intellectual fish man.

Edward Grey, Witchfinder

Edward Grey is Hellboy’s guardian angel of sorts, a ghost who was once a vampire and witch hunter whose life ended abruptly during a mission. His body was patched up by fairies and demons and stood on the sidelines watching over Hellboy. The introduction of Grey into the film could serve as a way to prevent the main protagonists from dying too soon.

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