5 Superheroes And Villains Who Have The Most Hilarious Weaknesses

We understand superheroes are weighed down with responsibilities of saving this world from criminality, but always having them going around the world and totally relying on them for safe streets is just too much. But at some point in their timelines, they come across predicaments where they ridiculously become weak and look defeated. For whatever reasons, writers just hop in and trace out some ridiculous stuff.  Anyway, check out five superheroes with most ridiculous weaknesses.

 1. Venom: Fire

5 Superheroes Who Have The Most Hilarious Weaknesses

Venom is Spider-Man turned into an alien entity which is trapped in a symbiote. Venom is one of the most deadliest villains of the comic book world. Despite being a powerful sentient alien, as per the Marvel, venom is extremely susceptible to loud noises and heat.

2. Power Girl: Natural substance

One of the popular DC characters along with Superman, Power Girl is known for her leadership skills. She has a ridiculous weakness when she gets in contact with natural things. It means she can stop a bullet, but she can be knocked down by a piece of rock. I mean, WTF.

3. Wonder Woman: Hands tied

The Lasso-wielding warrior and acrobat, Wonder Woman is the only member who can stop the Justice League from turning into an insane sausage party. Despite her superhuman strength, durability, and longevity, her powers are completely useless when her hands are tied by a man. So the real weakness here is the balls.

4. Thor: Hammer’s proximity

The hammer-wielding Asgardian, Thor is the God of Thunder. He is one of the strongest and indestructible beings of Marvel Universe. Despite having super strength and superhuman senses, if Thor leaves his hammer Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds he loses all of his powers and god statuses and then turns into a normal human being.

5. Thanos: Subconscious Desire

Before Thanos, we assumed Thor as the most powerful being on the earth. But Thanos appeared to be so powerful that he killed every superhero individually and destroyed planets in one flick. If his subconscious desire makes him think of his defeat, Thanos begins to get weak and can’t maintain his powers.

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