5 Must Watch “Mind-Boggling” TV Shows of 2016

The year 2016 has not been a great year for TV shows fanatics, but it’s been a reasonably good 50 weeks nonetheless. Across the genres, whether it’s drama, fantasy, adventure or crime, there have been hits and misses.

Here’s a list of TV shows which managed to strike a chord with the TV audience in the year 2016:


TV Shows

This was the most anticipated HBO show in 2016, and guess what it delivered the goods. It raises great philosophical & existential questions about our lives, the planet and the state of entire society. It is unarguably the best sci-fi fantasy show of 2016 with jaw-dropping performances particularly from Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, and Rachel Wood.

Stranger Things

It’s one of the best original TV series that Netflix has ever produced, which crystallizes our love for everything 80’s. It crafts a compelling adventure story that leaves you wanting for more and you couldn’t help but cheer for the amazing direction of the show. Hats Off!

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