5 Must Watch Women-Centric Movies of Hollywood

There are movies that will make you think and think all over again. Then there are movies that will make you laugh and cry. There is another set of movies that will make you realize how strong women are. These women-centric movies show different sides of the women and you would love it for sure (especially if you are a woman). Take a look at these 5 Must See Women-Centric Movies.

Erin Brockovich

Taken from a real story, Erin Brockovich is an unemployed single parent of three. She handles an occupation of a legitimate associate and she assembles prove against California Power Company for contaminating a city’s water supply. She is struggling to raise a family, and find herself.  Erin turns out to be strong, canny lady who has self-confidence.This is one of the best women-centric movies.

Erin Brockovich: Don’t make me beg. If it doesn’t work out, fire me… But don’t make me beg!

North Country

It is an intense anecdotal record of the main major effective inappropriate behavior case in the United States – Jenson versus Eveleth Mines. It begins with the court and takes streak back shots of Josey’s life. The hero, a lady persevered through a scope of manhandling while functioning as a minor. She stands firm and chooses to battle for equivalent rights and calls for adequate working conditions.

Bill White: What are you supposed to do when the ones with all the power are hurting those with none? Well for starters, you stand up. Stand up and tell the truth. You stand up for your friends. You stand up even when you’re all alone. You stand up.

Mulholland Dr.

Perceived with Freudian peculiarity of a fantasy — it doesn’t clarify, or finish — ‘Mulholland Dr.’ waits, interests and challenges where it must head. ‘Mulholland Dr.’ is a sleep inducing portrayal of an expanded temperament musical show. An account of two female after a pile-up renders one amnesic, and the other one loans support to help her discover her personality. Reinforced by one of the record-breaking incredible female exhibitions by Naomi Watts, ‘Mulholland Dr.’ is an affair that you could always remember.

Rita: What are you doing? We don’t stop here.



When someone hits the lows in life, it is the most dreadful situation of all times. It is around thirty-something Annie Walker’s confronts her more regrettable low when she is undermined of her association with her closest companion, who is to get married. This alongside her battles to get back in life after the conclusion of her retail cake store, Cake Baby. In battles of useless association with misanthropic, impart a loft to socially maladroit kin.

Flight Attendant Steve: You have 3 seconds to get back to your seat.
Annie: No one can get anywhere in 3 seconds. You’re setting me up for a loss already.

Girl Interrupted


It is about a discouraged and directionless hero, who in the wake of completing secondary school, suicide endeavor handles her in Claymore, a mental establishment. A personal record in light of essayist Susanna Kaysen’s record of her 18-month remains at a mental doctor’s facility in the 1960s. Falling in sleep inducing spells of a kindred vexed ladies, Susanna pulls her mind together and desert institutional life.

Susanna:  Have you ever confused a dream with life? Or stolen something when you have the cash? Have you ever been blue? Or thought your train moving while sitting still? Maybe I was just crazy. Maybe it was the 60s. Or maybe I was just a girl… interrupted.

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