5 Reasons Why Every Virgin Must Watch American Pie Series

American Pie is still one of the most-loved franchises of all time. It was 1999 when the first outing from the franchise hit the big screen telling a story of a teenager and his friends who are in the final phase of their middle school. They set a pact that they would have sex before they cross their graduation. Well, that’s one. The other parts were kickass and the franchise gained a pretty awesome traction worldwide. So, what did we learn from it? Check out why every virgin must watch American Pie series.

1. Food is not a sex toy

5 Sex Lessons You Can Learn From American Pie

Food is meant to be eaten, not beaten. So please when you trying to get on your instincts, never use food to relax just like Jim does in the first part. He thrashes the hot pie from his little soldier and then his father burst in. What could be so embarrassing?

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